No glare. No germs. No fingerprints. No scratches.

What Makes NuShield Screen Protectors Superior

NuShield® uses high technology to provide superior protection for your electronic device. NuShield films are only about 0.005" thin and yet work with resistive and projected capacitive touch screens (most touch screens are these types). These films give good antiglare performance and exceptional durability for the most demanding uses.

Nushield Triple A™ antiglare, antimicrobial, and antifingerprint film provides excellent screen visibility and protection against germ growth on electronic displays. The film uses a low-tack silicone rubber-based adhesive to grip the screen surface. It can be cleaned with disinfectants and solvents while the antimicrobial property remains to continually inhibit the growth of germs on the film surface. The antiglare feature diffuses glare from overhead lights and allows users to clearly read the display indoors. The antiglare property also prevents the transmission or reflection of 99% UVB ultra violet light from reaching the user’s eyes. The film installs easily in minutes and can be removed without leaving any adhesive residue behind.

NuShield DayVue™ antireflective film is the best of its type on the market. This film cancels reflected light in the same manner as noise canceling headphones cancel ambient noise. They allow for greatly improved visibility even under diffuse bright light conditions outdoors.

NuShield DayVue antireflective film has a very low tack rubber on the film back surface to adhere to the screen. The film must be optically coupled to the surface to perform correctly.
For additional information why screen protection is vital to prolong the life of your LCD screen, read the article written by Tom Deering that discusses how grit can become embedded in your stylus pen.

NuShield Triple A™

Antiglare, Antimicrobial, Anti-Fingerprint Screen Protector Film

NuShield Triple A™ is literally the only screen protection film of its kind available on the market today. No other screen protector combines scratch resistance with antiglare and anti-fingerprint properties, along with an antimicrobial coating that severely slows the growth of germs, mold, mildew, and bacteria that can cause odors, stains and serious product degradation. To learn more about the details and various specifications of NuShield's Triple A screen protector, visit our technology page.

Even in situations where your device might come into contact with extreme heat, or with acid or solvent use, the Triple A's antibacterial strength and durability will remain just as effective as it would under normal conditions. That's one reason the Triple A antimicrobial film is used so frequently in hospitals, clinics, medical centers and doctor's offices. Indeed, the Triple A screen protector can be found in any number of locations where large groups of people gather and interact, and where cleanliness is a concern, such as airports, convention centers, hotels, and libraries.

And the Triple A film is also used to eliminate glare indoors or in shady areas where reflection is a constant problem.  Whether it is your office monitor or your outdoor TV, the Triple A eliminates the glare and provides easy viewing of your device.  And it can also be used on other screens, from LCD monitors and PC tablets to POS (point of sale) displays and laptops.   The Triple A screen protector film attaches to your device with a low tack silicon rubber which makes installing and removing the film a surprisingly simple process.

What Makes the Triple A Antimicrobial Film Is Far Superior to Competing Films

  • NuShield's Triple A film will protect your screen against potentially harmful germ growth. Touch screens located in public places are literally crawling in germs; a Triple A screen protector will put an end to that scenario immediately.
  • Most anti-microbial films are so thick and poorly designed that they end up giving your screen a dark, hazy, and hard-to-see appearance. The clarity of NuShield's Triple A is unmatched in clarity and visibility.
  • The film has an especially strong resistance to both abrasion and chemicals, both of which will otherwise destroy your LCD screen. The Triple A even passed a bleach test!
  • Thanks to the low-tack rubber with which the Triple A adheres to your screen, it's does not leave any adhesive residue behind.
  • The low-tack rubber also allows for a fool-proof installation and removal process. Bubbles aren't a problem, either; they can simply be pushed right out.
  • The film filters an astonishing 99% of ultra violet light from reaching your screen. This means you won't need to worry about harmful rays reflecting back into your eyes.
  • If you decide you're not completely thrilled with the Triple A screen protector, you can return it. Because we're so confident that our product is far and away the best on the market, we offer a 100% money back guarantee.
  • Even if you consider nothing else than the fact that a replacement LCD display can cost anywhere from $200 to $600, the Triple A is still an incredibly wise investment.
  • The Triple A film is available in sizes that will fit electronic devices used in thousands of applications.
  • The Triple A film is capable of withstanding even the most severe environments. That's why it is used in health care, education, office, hospitality, and home environments.

NuShield DayVue A™

Antireflective Screen Protector Film

No glare. No reflection. No scratches.

Use any electronic device outdoors with NuShield’s DayVue screen protector.

Thanks to NuShield’s one-of-a-kind DayVue screen protection film, you can now easily read the LCD screen display on any of the consumer electronic devices that are used outdoors, such as smartphones, tablets, handheld devices, and laptops.

Because of the unique technology that filters out annoying sun glare and severely reduces reflections, mobile devices outfitted with the DayVue film can be read clearly and easily in indirect sunlight outdoors. Even if you’re wearing polarized sunglasses you’ll enjoy colors so rich and sharp that you might forget you’re not indoors. DayVue films can also be used indoors just as easily as out—the colors on your device will still be crisp and clear.

Still not convinced? Not to worry: With NuShield’s 100% money-back guarantee, you’re always protected.

How Does NuShield’s DayVue Antireflective Film Outperform Competing Screen Protectors?

  • The scratch-resistant properties of similar products tend to lessen significantly over time. NuShield’s DayVue film, however, retains its resistance to scrapes and scratches long-term. You’ll most likely replace your device before you need to replace your DayVue screen protector.
  • Imagine a traditional screen protector built strong enough to withstand near-constant use, but with innovative light-canceling technology baked in. That’s the DayVue.
  • DayVue screen protector films cancel out reflected glare in the same way noise canceling headphones block sound. With a film that reduces reflection, filters sun glare, and offers protection from dangerous ultra violet rays, you’re left with a screen that can be read easily in indirect sunlight.
  • Replacing a cracked smartphone screen will cost you anywhere from $200 to $600. Maybe more. With the DayVue’s scratch-resistant properties, the scrapes and hairline screen fractures that often lead to much worse damage won’t show up in the first place.
  • The DayVue is an adhesive protector that sticks to your device’s screen with a low-tack backing. That means it won’t leave adhesive residue behind when it’s removed. Nor will its peel strength build over time.
  • DayVue screen protection films are ideal for popular devices such as cameras,  iPhones and Android smartphones, iPads and Android tablets, laptops, and GPS devices. In fact, for any device that even occasionally suffers from reflection problems, DayVue films are an absolute lifesaver.
  • DayVue films can be easily installed in mere seconds, and they're just as easy to remove.
  • DayVue is available for over 12,000 devices. Whether your device is used for recreation, business, or travel, we’ve probably got a DayVue film to fit it. If we don’t, we’ll create a new film size based on your measurements that fits your device at no additional charge.
  • DayVue films are regularly used in highly severe environments by industrial and commercial firms, and in high-intensity military settings. This is a screen protection film that’s designed to take a beating.